How to run a Design Thinking Workshop

On-demand course with step by step videos and guides so you can plan it, run it and do it!


Let's remove the overwhelm, save you time and give you everything you need to feel confident preparing and facilitating Design Thinking workshops

Have you been wondering if ...

Design thinking might be the approach to help you come up with more innovative and creative solutions but don't know where to start?

That was me 5 years ago.  I borrowed the books, spent hours online researching while trying to figure out what I needed to do.  There is so much out there, I was completely overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.

This is the course I wish I had been able to do then.

This course gives you my tested workshop with the agenda, templates and exercises that I know work.  This is an excellent starting point if you are new to Design Thinking and want to know enough to get started in your workplace. 


How to run a Design Thinking Workshop

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This course gives you the very practical steps and 'how to' so you can feel confident to go ahead and run a Design Thinking workshop.

There are 21 short videos and 6 modules.  Nearly 2 hours of recorded step by step guidance.

There is a downloadable Playbook with checklists and templates referred to in the training.


What you will be able to do after completing this:

  • Know when to use Design Thinking
  • Identify the 'User(s)' (who uses this product or service)
  • How to collect and prepare data before the workshop
  • Know the pros/cons of both Virtual and Real life workshops and how to prepare for both
  • Prepare and run a full-day workshop with a comprehensive agenda and timing (both Virtual or Real Life)
  • Know how to use key Design Thinking tools and templates like Empathy Maps
  • Know how to use creativity exercises to energise and help people think differently
  • Guide a group in creating and testing Prototypes


Imagine if..

  • You had someone who has been where you are to guide you on exactly what you need to do to run a successful Design Thinking workshop
  • You have a step-by-step roadmap with videos explaining everything you need to do
  • You have the Playbook with checklists and templates to help you prepare 
  • You get to make a difference in your organisation by learning and applying new skills to enable more creative and innovative problem-solving

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What you will learn

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  • Get clear on what you want to achieve and why
  • Check if Design Thinking is the right approach and if the right people are onboard
  • Will you run it real life or virtual 
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  • Who are the User(s) at the centre of your challenge or problem
  • How you collect Data points
  • How to prepare the Data before the workshop
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  • Choosing the right participants
  • Setting up both virtual and real life workshops
  • Preparing the agenda
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  • Setting the scene, introductory exercises and the gallery walk
  • Creating empathy maps and turning data into insights to define the problem
  • Creativity exercises, ideation phase and making prototypes
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  • Determine metrics of success
  • How to test prototypes
  • Rapid iteration and failing fast
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  • How to review the results of the testing process
  • Making decisions on what solution to pursue

Check out a lesson

There are 21 short video lessons over 6 modules within this course.  Nearly 2 hours of  step by step guidance so you know exactly what to do and feel really confident about it.

Check out Lesson 7 from Module 4 which is how to run the IDEATION phase of the workshop.  


Programme Investment


  • 6 Self-Paced Training Modules
  • 21 training videos  in a short bite-size approach to make it easy to go back to specific content
  • Nearly 2 hours in total of video lessons
  • A downloadable Playbook with templates and checklists
  • Downloadable lesson slides


Single Payment of $150 USD


Hey, I'm Melissa

Founder of The Great Work Lab and design thinking geek

I have over 2 decades in the corporate world ending up in Amsterdam in a Global HR Director role with people across 80 countries.  During my career I was always passionate about how we make workplaces better; both for the people that work there as well as ensuring we are creating great products, services and experiences for our customers.

When I found Design Thinking, I fell in love.  Here was an approach that enabled us to face complex challenges and design human-centred solutions.  And because of how it works, you end up with more creative and innovative solutions that are much better and result in better performance.

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Need some peace of mind?

I'm pretty sure this programme is a fantastic way to start your Design Thinking experience.  But if for any reason it does not fit your needs, please let me know within 7 days from purchase and I will refund no questions asked.