Growth Mindset for culture transformation

Is your organisation designed for high performance?

Research has repeatedly validated that people and organisations with a predominant growth mindset have the following characteristics:

  • Improvement in performance
  • Higher appetite to experiment and innovate
  • Persevere in challenging times
  • Adapt to new circumstances quickly

What actually is Growth Mindset 


Right now it’s a buzzword; but it’s so much more.

Our MINDSET is an established set of beliefs and attitudes which have been created over the course of our lives through interactions with parents, teachers, managers and society in general.

We are often unconscious and unaware of these.

Our mindset drives our behaviour and decision-making more than any other factor.

It affects what we think is possible for ourselves and what we think we are capable of.

Organisational culture is the everyday shared habits and behaviors of its people.  So the mindset you bring to your work, influences the culture, particularly if you are in a leadership or HR role.

Dr Carol Dweck broke mindset into a spectrum from FIXED mindset to GROWTH mindset.  At its simplest level, a Fixed Mindset believes skills and abilities are fixed and innate – you are either born with it or you’re not.  A Growth Mindset believes skills and abilities can be developed if you want to put the work in.



  • Learning and growth motivates me
  • I am curious to explore new ideas and ways of doing things
  • I am actively looking for ways to stretch myself
  • I ask for feedback and use it to get better
  • If I put enough effort in I can learn almost anything


  • Impressing people is really important to me
  • I prefer to keep doing what I know I can do well rather than risk making mistakes with something new
  • It’s best to keep doing what we have always done
  • I don’t like constructive feedback and avoid it if possible
  • You’re either born with a certain talent or not



  • It’s safe to challenge and debate each other; we don’t take it personally
  • Collaboration is key; we can do more as a team than as individuals
  • We learn from each other and leverage others ideas
  • We hold each other accountable
  • We are clear on how we contribute to the organisation’s performance


  • We prefer “false harmony” than saying what we really think
  • We are dependent on our leader to tell us what to do
  • It’s safer to say what everyone else is saying – group think
  • We protect our own ideas as we each want to look like the best in the team
  • We don’t do anything that might fail



  • Creating psychological safety is my top priority so it is safe to try things that might fail
  • Everyone in my team has potential
  • I listen more than I speak and I spend more time coaching than on operational updates
  • I value diverse perspectives and actively ensure we are inclusive
  • We set bold visions and targets together and mobilise and inspire each other


  • My job is to have all the answers and I have failed when I don’t
  • A directive and top down management style works best
  • I encourage internal competition within the team
  • I reward individual results over team effort
  • Only some of my team have potential



  • We design our operating model around collaboration, to leverage and scale 
  • Everyone is a talent and can be developed
  • We make bold decisions, knowing that sometimes we will get it wrong
  • We are obsessively curious and look externally 
  • We know that a diverse and inclusive culture will drive better decision-making 


  • Our operating model is siloed and fragmented with internal competition
  • We decide who is a talent and who is not 
  • We stay safe and prefer to do what has worked in the past
  • We are internally focused and not that interested in what our competitors or customers are thinking and doing
  • We hire and promote on culture-fit so that people think in similar ways

Growth Mindset Webinar

Interested in introducing Growth Mindset to your organisation?  This one hour virtual live webinar is a great way to start the conversation and spark a different way to look at your organisation and culture.  It can include up to 100 participants and is fun, interactive and can be recorded to stay on your own organisation’s learning resources.  Included is:

WHY is Growth Mindset relevant?


WHAT is it and how does this look for individuals, teams, leaders and organisations


HOW do we move from fixed mindset to growth mindset


This webinar has been run for clients all over the world in different time zones.  It’s energising, interesting and inspiring and can provide the starting point for a deeper conversation within your team or organisation

Get in contact to book this in

In-house Growth Mindset Consultancy or Training

Do you want to go deeper and start a culture transformation based on growth mindset?  Get in touch to discuss further.  Options include: culture transformation consultancy, Leadership team workshops, HR team workshops, Growth Mindset organisational assessment etc.  This can be done both face to face and virtual.

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