Creativity & Design Thinking in the Workplace


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through creativity tools and design thinking

 Let's have better ideas at work!

Again and again the research tells us that we are most likely to not have our best ideas at work.  They are more likely to come randomly when driving the car or in the shower.  However we can flick that by introducing tools and practices that help us to:

  • really understand the user perspective
  • define the REAL problem
  • come up with hundreds of ideas
  • prototype and test the best ideas
  • fail fast with what doesn't work and have the data to know what is most likely to be successful
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 If you.....

Are a senior leader who...

wants to strengthen your ability to lead innovation, tap into your people's creativity and enhance your organisations innovation capability

Are an HR professional or business leader who...

wants to develop and integrate cutting-edge creative practices into your work to create better solutions for your employees and customers

Want to come up with better solutions to problems by...

truly understanding the user-experience and customer journey and learning how to come up with lots of ideas, prototype and fail fast with what doesn't work

 After this masterclass you will....

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We will cover some practical exercises and tools to enable you to be more confident in coming up with tons of ideas.

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Design Thinking puts the user experience at its heart; whether this is employee experience or customer journeys.

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Design Thinking and creativity practices are actually structured processes that result in better outcomes.

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There are so many applications within the workplace for creativity and design thinking processes and practices.

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Who is Melissa?

Melissa Muirhead has recently returned to New Zealand after  working in Amsterdam as Global HR Director with HEINEKEN where her role covered 5000 people across 80 countries.

Melissa has been passionate about bringing design thinking into the workplace for the last 5 years and has facilitated a number of processes around different problems or topics using this. 

Melissa is certified in Design Thinking from INSEAD business school.  She has also been a practising artist for almost 20 years so totally geeks out on the intersection of creative practice and the corporate world. Melissa has founded The Great Work Lab which is a boutique consultancy working with
global clients under three key pillars:

  • Creativity and Design thinking facilitation and training
  • Organisation culture transformation based on Dr Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset work, including consultancy, training and facilitation
  • Providing Executive Coaching to clients around the world

She is passionate about enabling organisations to be designed for their people to be able to work with purpose and
do great work.


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Get inspired and learn how to bring more creativity and innovation to your work through this masterclass on Design Thinking in the workplace.