Creativity and Design Thinking in the workplace


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 How to run a Design Thinking Workshop Online course 

What is this?

  • A practical "how to" guide for people new to Design Thinking
  • 6 modules broken down into 21 short videos (just under 2 hours in total) with step by step guidance in from planning it to actually running the workshop
  • All the checklists, agenda, tools, templates and exercises I use that I know work brilliantly
  • On-line and immediate access for 12 months for one payment of $150USD
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Why creativity & design thinking?


For the last two decades I have been both a HR professional (ending up in senior global roles in large multinationals) as well as a practising artist. 

Research keeps telling us that one of the places we are least likely to come up with great ideas is when we are work.  So I got fascinated by how we change that; how we use techniques and proven methodologies to be purposely creative and innovative in our work. 

I am certified in Design Thinking through INSEAD as well as bringing years of applying design thinking and creativity techniques in real world business problem solving. 

We all know that around 70% of changes we make at work fail.  I want to change that. 

Using design thinking ensures you put the human experience at the centre; you truly understand what the problem is (not just what you think it is) and you get a ton of ideas to solve it. With design thinking we prototype and fail fast.  This means we test lots of ideas before we invest.  So we figure out early what is more likely to be successful and what is not worth pursuing. 

The future of work needs CREATIVITY 

Change is accelerating; technology and automation are disrupting work with around 50% of current roles likely to disappear in the next 10-15 years.  

New roles will appear.  These will require new skills sets; the human elements of creativity and innovation that are not so easily replaced by tech.    

And because these are skills, we can learn these now to be future-ready leaders! 

Design thinking is a methodology that equips you to develop an innovative organisational culture with the skills to solve  the problems of today and tomorrow in creative and innovative ways.  Plus, it's fun!

Inhouse Design Thinking Facilitation or Training

Do you have a problem without a clear solution and looking for a human-centred process that brings creativity and innovation?  We can facilitate a session with your people either virtually or in person.  This is a fun interactive day and also a great way to introduce what design thinking is to your team.Want to bring these skills in-house? Get in contact to arrange an in-house session with your team – these can be done virtually or in person

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