Why coaching?

Sometimes we need to look at our life and our work from a different vantage point.  To see what could be possible in order to design a path there.

While we can navigate this ourselves, sometimes it can be really helpful to have someone else hold this space, challenge our thinking and see possibilities that we might not yet see for ourselves.

These are the times that I work with a coach myself.  When I'm feeling stuck or unclear.  When I feel so caught up in the trees I can no longer see the forest.  When I need someone to ask me the right questions that helps me get clarity and a different perspective.

So when I am a coach, I take that responsibility really deeply.  I am not here to give you the answers, instead to ask the questions and facilitate a process that enables you to access this yourself.

When does coaching make sense?

My clients tend to fit into one of the following groups:

  • You're stepping into a new role and want support as you get clear on this next iteration of you as a leader and how you embody this in your work
  • You're reassessing what you want to do - your priorities have changed and you are trying to figure out what this next step in your working life might look like that both honours your values and gives fulfilment and a sense of contribution
  • You're a senior leader that appreciates a sparring partner that is outside your organisation that will challenge you as you work to being the best leader you can be
  • You're tired of the stories in your head that are holding you back - you know what you want and you want to move past the procrastination and over-analysing and take action

Hi, I’m Melissa. 

A recent returnee to New Zealand after living and working in Amsterdam.  Married with two teenagers, two cats and the world's best dog.

I work with clients all over the world so timezones are something we can make work.

What you might want to know:

  • Over 20 years in corporate roles in New Zealand and abroad including most recently a Global HR Director role covering 80 countries for a large multinational
  • Experienced Executive Coach - I received my first coaching diploma in 2008 with ongoing advanced skills training with ICF accredited coach training providers 
  • Experienced public speaker both in Europe and New Zealand at conferences as well as in-house webinars
  • Obsessed with learning which means at any one time I am likely enrolled and participating in 5 different courses or learning experience
  • Accredited in almost every psychometric tool around with a deep belief that knowing yourself changes everything
  • Owner of more than 5000 books (possibly more - it's at a stage I don't want to actually count)
  • Both creative and structured - I love a good methodology and designing a process but I trust my intuition when it is time to mix things up.

How does it work?

We typically work in a 6 session cycle. 

Some people want an intense phase to focus on their particular challenge and we meet every second week for 3 months.  This can work really well when you are at a transition point and we are designing the plan for your next step. This timeframe keeps a high level of energy and focus.

For others, a monthly session works best.  This is particularly useful when you are exploring options if you are re-assessing your career or you are a leader that wants that regular coaching call to keep focused and supported in the challenges you are facing.

Before we even start it is important I know your current context and challenges so I can prepare and design an approach.

It's important we connect with each other and there is a fit so I always meet you for a call or a coffee first.  Because you need to trust me and my approach and I need to know that my skills and style is right for you.

"I had the pleasure to work with Melissa in 2022 as my 'Coach' and it was such a rewarding experience.  Melissa provides a great psychological safe environment where I could be challenged and recognised for who I am and what value I bring to organisations.  Within the three months we worked together, I was able to build a 5 year plan that mapped out my bright spots (strengths), my challenges (gaps) and the steps that I could make to achieve end vision.  The great news is I have been able to make change over the last 12 months and make the steps to shift my career from a senior specialist role to an executive generalist role where I will be able to stretch, grow and continue to develop my strengths so I can continue to make a difference."

Natalee Scripps-Hawkins

Head HSW Auckland Airport to GM Transformation & Change Horizon Energy Group (HEG)

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