What is a CPO on demand?


Most organisations in New Zealand don't need a permanent Chief People Officer.  They need great operational HR which is easily covered in-house or is out-sourced.  Operational HR manages the day-to-day, the compliance, the payroll, the disciplinary situations, the recruitment and the execution of the people strategy.  This is what is needed 90% of the time.

The other 10% requires something different.

A long-term, future-focused strategic view on how to attract and retain great people and building the leadership capability to achieve the business strategy and create the culture that enables this.

This is what a CPO does.  They look wider, bring external viewpoints and trends and facilitate and guide the leadership team around the people and culture part of strategy.

How does the CPO on demand work?

  • You "buy" a certain number of "delivery days" per year.  Minimum of 4, maximum of 12.
  • We work together to decide how these delivery days will be best utilised to provide the best level of strategic support and capability building to your organisation.
  • Payment can be on a monthly subscription basis or paid annually which gives a discounted rate.
  • The more days you "buy" the greater the daily rate is discounted.

Think of it like a buffet - you can pick and choose the elements that work for you 

People Strategy

Do you have a strategy to attract and retain great people? 

Do you know the future capabilities you require to stay competitive?

How engaged are your people?

Is what you are doing with your people aligned with your business strategy?

If you don't have the answers for these questions, then getting a clear strategy that is future-focused and actionable is a critical business need.

Purpose, Values & Behaviours

Does your organisation have a clear compelling purpose that your people connect to and is aligned with their personal purpose?

Do you have values that are more than words on a poster and instead mean something and guide your decisions and actions?

Do people understand what it looks like to live the values?  Are the expected behaviours clear and embedded in how you recruit, reward and recognise your people?

If you are missing these, you are missing a foundational element of engaging your people.

Leadership and Executive retreats & development

How aligned and connected is your leadership team?

Is it a safe environment for constructive challenge and debate?

Outside the room does the rest of the organisation see you as an united and cohesive group?

Have you spent the time together to build trust and work on how you can be a high performance leadership team?

Purposeful time together to build team effectiveness at this level impacts your whole organisation.

One:One executive coaching

Often it can be very lonely in leadership roles and having a trusted coach to challenge and support you that is outside the organisation, can be immensely helpful.

Coaching can be nicely paired with leadership and executive team retreats with before and after individual coaching to embed the vision of the team through the individual team members,

Growth Mindset workshops

Growth Mindset teams are more resilient, more innovative and perform better.

Growth Mindset workshops can be tailored for all levels; for groups of individuals to introduce what this means personally in what we think we are capable off, in teams around how to create psychological safety and connection and for leaders and how to lead a growth mindset team by being a growth mindset leader.

Design Thinking workshops

Human-centred design is used for complex problems that have a human element.  Which covers most things.  It starts with empathy and puts the user and how the experience the situation at the centre.  

If you have processes people aren't using, or are not coming up with new innovations in a changing market, or anything in between, then design thinking can be fabulous.  You get more innovative solutions that are more likely to work.

DiSC Team Effectiveness Workshops

DiSC is a tool that enables people to understand and articulate their preferred way of communication and interactions.

Doing a DiSC workshop as a team enables everyone to understand how to best communicate and work with each other.

DiSC also provides an online portal that your team can continue to use to share reports and get hints and tips around working together.

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Workshops

Patrick Lencioni's book has been developed into a tool to work with teams to be highly cohesive and effective.

This starts with an individual survey which includes DiSC followed up with a workshop where the team works through the 5 levels.

There is an option for re-tests to measure the actions that the team commits to on this journey.  

This can be powerfully brought into leadership and executive team retreats and goes deeper than DiSC alone.

Bespoke consulting or advice

Sometimes you just want a CPO that you can bounce ideas off or address specific concerns. 

This might be strategic workforce design, or a particular business challenge that needs to be addressed.

There is the flexibility in the CPO on demand to do bespoke work or consultancy as part of this.

So why am I qualified to be your CPO (on demand)?


  • Over 20 years in corporate roles in New Zealand and abroad including most recently a Global HR Director role based in Amsterdam covering 5000 people across 80 countries for a large multinational
  • Significant experience in both being on senior leadership teams as well as working with leaders around the world.  I have run leadership programmes in 4 continents with global and diverse groups
  • Experienced Executive Coach - I received my first coaching diploma in 2008 with ongoing advanced skills training with ICF accredited coach training providers 
  • Experienced public speaker both in Europe and New Zealand at conferences as well as in-house webinars
  • Accredited in almost every psychometric tool around with a deep belief that knowing yourself changes everything
  • Owner of more than 5000 books (possibly more - it's at a stage I don't want to actually count)
  • Both creative and structured - I love a good methodology and designing a process but I trust my intuition when it is time to mix things up.

How does it work?


Before we even start it is important I know your current context and challenges so we can see if this is the right solution for you.

Because if you want operational HR support, disciplinaries, recruitment, restructures, then this isn't the right fit.  I've been there and done all of that and while I could still do it, that is best left to those that specialise in this and love it.

What I love to do is working with a CEO and their team around how to take a strategic approach to people.

Because your business is people.  It doesn't matter how shiny your machinery is, or how nice the lunch room looks, it is about how well your leaders lead and how engaged and committed your people are.

And that's what I love to do.  Work with leaders to be great leaders.  Facilitate and develop people strategies that work and are pragmatic and actionable.

And because I love building ongoing relationships with leaders and their organisations, the CPO on demand option means I can interact in different ways with you all over the year.


Example - 4 day option

This is just an example of how you can use these "delivery days" and mix and match these for the specific needs of your organisation.

  • 1 day leadership team retreat using The Five Dysfunctions tool to lay the foundation for a high trust and cohesive team that performs
  • 1.5 days with individual coaching with members from the leadership team
  • 2 x half day DiSC workshops with 2 different teams
  • 2 x 2-hour Growth Mindset workshop

Example - 12 day option

This is just an example of how you can use these "delivery days" and mix and match these for the specific needs of your organisation.

  • 2 day leadership team retreat with the first day developing the people & culture strategy based on the current challenges and business strategy with day 2 being focused on the team using The 5 Dysfunctions of a team tool
  • 3 days of individual coaching with each leadership team member having individual sessions before and after the team retreat
  • 1 day of a Design Thinking workshop with a team that has been tasked to come up with innovative solutions to a complex problem
  • 4 half day Growth Mindset workshops with 4 different teams
  • 1 day of a Growth Mindset leaders workshop for all people managers on site
  • 2 days facilitating sessions on Purpose, Values and Behaviours
  • 1 day to reconnect with the leadership team, re-test with the 5 Dysfunctions and reflect on the year

Want to talk and see if this is right for you and your organisation?

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