Hi, I’m Melissa. 

A recent returnee to New Zealand after living and working in Amsterdam.  Married with two teenagers, two cats and the world's best dog.

What you might want to know:

  • Over 20 years in corporate roles in New Zealand and abroad including most recently a Global HR Director role covering 80 countries for a large multinational
  • Experienced Executive Coach - I received my first coaching diploma in 2008 with ongoing advanced skills training with ICF accredited coach training providers 
  • Experienced public speaker both in Europe and New Zealand at conferences as well as in-house webinars
  • Obsessed with learning which means at any one time I am likely enrolled and participating in 5 different courses or learning experience
  • Accredited in almost every psychometric tool around with a deep belief that knowing yourself changes everything
  • Owner of more than 5000 books (possibly more - it's at a stage I don't want to actually count)

What I believe in:  

  • Your self-worth does not come from your job title; you are a wonderfully imperfect human that is a work in progress (like all of us)
  • 99% of people come to work wanting to perform and do a great job and when that doesn’t happen it's an organisation issue not a people issue
  • Work has the possibility of being where we contribute to society and live our purpose and it is a travesty that this is so damn uncommon
  • Most organisations are like a house that has had bad renovation with structures and activities added on with no thought for designing for performance and employee experience

What you need to know if you want to work with me as your coach:

  • I promise to be profoundly honest as I challenge you with respect and empathy
  • I call out the status quo bias and staying in the comfort zone
  • I will see the possibilities for you and/or your work and hold these for you as you step into these for yourself
  • I will deeply believe in your capacity to make a difference

What you need to know if you want me to work with your organisation:

  • I don’t do standard boring template stuff - you will never get a slide deck with a pile of text and bullet points - you’re more likely to get a drawing 
  • I am so curious that I will keep asking questions until I really get what you need from me and how I can serve your business
  • I’m a creative but I love structure and totally believe that boundaries create focused innovation so expect processes and methodology to guide us to an outcome
  • We all learn through play so as part of the experience you might get to do silly improv exercises or do some art

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