What is DiSC®?

Everything DiSC® is a suite of personal and team development tools and profiles.

These tools measure your individual preferences and styles.  All styles have value and contribute in the workplace but understanding your own preferences and how best to work with other people that may have different preferences, changes everything.

The old saying "treat others how you want to be treated" doesn't work.  Because how I prefer to communicate, to think, to work with others, might be quite different to you.

DiSC® gives a framework to understand and value our differences as well as our similarities.  We can then adjust and adapt how we interact and work together with this knowledge.

A half day DiSC® Team effectiveness and communication workshop makes a real difference


A team is made up of individuals who all have different preferences and styles.  Without understanding and valuing these differences, we can have friction and ineffective communication and collaboration.

Teams that use DiSC understand and value the diverse preferences and styles, trust each other more and have higher levels of performance.

It starts with self-awareness and then expands to the team.  It is simple but powerful and is easy to apply and use in the workplace.

A half day session exploring this with your team will have powerful results.

The Assessment

The DiSC® assessment is completed online by each participant and is powered by over  40+ years of research.

It gives precise, personalised insights for every participant. It is validated with adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithims.

The Profile

Everybody gets a personalised profile with their preferences and tendencies as well as relating to and working with others.

It includes actionable strategies for improving interactions and the online portal enables ongoing learning and on-demand insights for applying DiSC® to real work situations.

The Workshop

A half-day workshop with your team brings this to life.  You get to go deeper into your preferences and learn about your team mates tendencies and styles. 

There is normally an "aha" moment when you realise how your different preferences have been causing friction and how understanding and working with these rather than against, makes all the difference.


The DiSC®suite of tools

DiSC® is more than just a team effectiveness tool - there is a suite of tools available that can be used in workshops, coaching or personal development.  

Please get in touch if you would like to explore how we can use any of the below tools to create a better workplace for you.

  • Workplace profile - this is the standard profile used for most team effectiveness workshops

  • Management - a profile used for people managers around how to successfully engage, motivate and develop their people

  • Sales - The DiSC model specifically applied in the context of sales for sales people to adapt to customers preferences and expectations

  • Work of Leaders - for leaders focused on Vision, Alignment and Execution

  • 363® for Leaders - a dynamic 360-degree feedback tool that can be used for powerful coaching

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Why DiSC?

For the last two decades I have worked as a HR professional (ending up in senior global roles in large multinationals) and during this time I have been accredited in nearly every workplace tool around. 

When I had to choose a tool to use within The Great Work Lab, DiSC® came out at the top.  

What I love about this tool, is that it is not about who has the "right", the "best" the most "effective" profile or style - rather it is about how understanding your own style and others styles makes you more effective.

I find this tool helps teams value their diversity and appreciate how working with people different to you makes the whole team stronger.

The expanded suite of assessments and tools also offers further ways to bring this to life depending on who this is for and what they are trying to achieve.

There is a reason why DiSC® has been trusted for so long and it is a tool I love to work with.

If you want to discuss how we can work together with the DiSC® tools, please email me at [email protected] or book a call in my calendar with clicking the button below.

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