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Let's create workplaces where people get to do great work, leaders lead with passion, and the culture is so amazing that no-one wants to leave and everyone else wants to join!


Let's imagine


Imagine if your organisation was designed so it was easy for your people to do great work?


Imagine if your culture was based on a growth mindset so your people were resilient, adaptable and saw change as an opportunity for innovation?


Imagine if your leaders knew exactly what it was to be a great leader and how this comes to life in their behaviours and routines?


Imagine if our people got to come to work to do GREAT work every day and loved it so much they told everyone else so everyone wanted to work with you?


Growth Mindset Workshops

Growth Mindset teams are more resilient, more innovative and perform better.

Growth Mindset workshops can be tailored for all levels; for groups of individuals to introduce what this means personally in what we think we are capable of, in teams around how to create psychological safety and connection and for leaders and how to lead a growth mindset team by being a growth mindset leader.

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Design-thinking Workshops

Human-centred design is used for complex problems that have a human element.  Which covers most things.  It starts with empathy and puts the user and how the experience the situation at the centre.  

If you have processes people aren't using, or are not coming up with new innovations in a changing market, or anything in between, then design thinking can be fabulous.  You get more innovative solutions that are more likely to work.

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Executive Coaching

Sometimes we need to look at our life and work from a different vantage point and have a coach hold this space for us.

Coaching works at times of transition; when you are figuring out your next steps or you are stepping into a larger role.

It also can work great as a sparring partner with someone outside your organisation who can challenge you to be the best leader you can be.

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DiSC Team Effectiveness Workshops

DiSC is a tool that enables people to understand and articulate their preferred way of communication and interactions.

Doing a DiSC workshop as a team enables everyone to understand how to best communicate and work with each other.

DiSC also provides an online portal that your team can continue to use to share reports and get hints and tips around working together.

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The 5 Dysfunctions of a team

Patrick Lencioni's book has been developed into a tool to work with teams to be highly cohesive and effective.

This starts with an individual survey which includes DiSC followed up with a workshop where the team works through the 5 levels.

There is an option for re-tests to measure the actions that the team commits to on this journey.  

This can be powerfully brought into leadership and executive team retreats and goes deeper than DiSC alone.

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Chief People Officer on demand

Most organisations aren't big enough to need a CPO.  90% of the time that is just fine but there are certain points where it's not.

CPO on demand is a service where you "buy" a certain amount of delivery days each year and you can choose from the buffet how you want to use these.  From leadership retreats and facilitating people and culture strategies through to workshops, coaching and even bespoke consultancy.

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Hi, I'm Melissa

I'm passionate about making workplaces better.  

I've spent over 20 years in corporate roles in New Zealand and Europe and ended up in a Global HR Director role with thousands of people across 80 countries.

I've sat on leadership teams, I've made strategies, I've run leadership programmes on 4 continents.

I got to see what works and what doesn't when we focus on leadership, people and culture.

I love taking performance theory and research and figuring out how to apply this in practical and pragmatic ways in the very busy and time poor corporate world.

I feel incredibly lucky that I get to work with amazing leaders and organisations both here in New Zealand as well as all over the world.

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