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Welcome, I'm Melissa


Imagine if we designed organisations for performance?


Imagine if our cultures were founded on a growth mindset where people came to work with a sense that anything was possible?


Imagine if we designed our products and services to truly meet the user-demand - whether that is our employees or our customers?


Imagine if our people got to come to work to do GREAT work every day?



Find out how a growth mindset organisational culture results in resilience and performance. 

Understand what this means from an individual, team, leader and organisational level.


If you want to design for your customer or create great employee experiences or just to bring more innovation and creativity in your workplace, then this is for you.

Learn methodology and cutting-edge practices to solve problems better.


Do you have a clear vision of the future you?  Are you in transition to a new role or not sure what is next?

Maybe you are just tired on the bullshit in your head.  There's a reason why the best performers in every discipline have a coach.

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